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AI workforce:
We specialise in tuning AI to perform complex tasks in real business:
Tech Lead.
Responsible for the technical side of fine-tuning the AI.
The common expectation of "let AI do all the work" proves unattainable for two key reasons:
  1. Isolated Information: Ready-made AI services provide isolated pieces of information that are not integrated into your existing systems such as email, CRM, company websites, etc. This means transferring data between these platforms manually, leading to inefficiencies. For instance, AI might draft an email, but it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your overall communication strategy, making it a sporadic, rather than a consistent and scalable solution.
  2. Questionable Quality: Information from pre-packaged AI services can be unreliable or overly generic, rendering it difficult to derive significant value. Consequently, the quality of outcomes from these applications may fall short compared to manual efforts.

At UnderWonder, we adopt a minimally invasive approach to AI integration within your IT architecture. Our method embeds AI into your existing processes, operating seamlessly behind the scenes. We enhance the utility of AI by ensuring its outputs are highly relevant to your specific context. This is achieved by training the AI on your company's internal data.
Our bespoke AI solutions are not just another tool; they are an integral part of your business operations. This approach guarantees that AI-generated insights are precise, contextually appropriate, and actionable, ultimately driving efficiency and effectiveness across your organization. With UnderWonder, AI becomes a powerful, context-aware asset, embedded into the very core of your business activities.
Responsible for understanding clients' business needs
no compound CHANGing
Thats ok if you tired of trying to introduce promising new technologies into your business, which just disrupt established workflows, waste your money, but the benefits are not always immediate, and sometimes they don't materialise at all. Implementing AI is different.
At UnderWonder, we don't offer you new radical solutions and tools that further complicate an already complex operating system. We take the time to understand current workflows and then train generative AI to run tasks instead of humans by building it into all current tools.

That is, the implementation of bespoke AI occurs seamlessly and organically. Suddenly, one day, every employee will find that half of their routine work has been done by an AI assistant. Integrating AI is not about adopting a new system; it's about solving old problems.

At Under Wonder, we design tailored AI solutions specifically configured to meet our clients' needs. We build personalized, unique, and authentic centralized AI systems. We transform businesses into AI-powered businesses while maintaining their unique identity.

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Fundraising Process in a Charity Company
Transform Personalized Outreach and Relationship Management with AI assistant to Increase Income Stream
Implement AI into the daily routine of every officer to help them accelerate processes, reach more organizations, and enhance communication quality. This will aid in acquiring and nurturing new donors, developing a portfolio of existing supporters, and reviving dormant relationships. You will see exponential donation growth and a dramatic reduction in donor churn by building unwavering trust and rapport, improving retention, and maximizing donors' lifetime value.
Most Prospective Donors Prospecting
Tailored Drafts
Instant Responses
Prioritization of Incoming Correspondence
Concise Summaries of Meetings
Reporting and Documentation
Guide Officers to Close Deal
      Improve Your CRM
      To raise more money, you don't need more Individual Giving Officers; you only need a genius one
      Significantly increase conversion by improving the quality of your potential donor base. AI will conduct research and identify companies with a high propensity to donate based on their giving history and financial health. Its high analytical powers allow AI to analyze vast datasets, including public financial records, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, any available online insights, and industry trends. This significantly narrows down the list of potential donors, allowing you to focus on the most promising leads.
      Stop spending time composing emails from scratch. AI leverages natural language processing (NLP) to craft personalized emails in mere seconds. Whether initiating contact, sending tailored proposals, or warming up potential donors, the AI analyzes the communication style of previous successful outreach efforts and customizes new messages that resonate with the recipient's interests and values, enriched with data about your organization.
      Stop putting off important correspondence. For each incoming email or text, the AI suggests a personalized response that maintains the tone and context of past communications. You only need to check and send. Technically, AI can manage correspondence instead of officers, with officers only needing to oversee the process, if they choose.
      High-priority messages are highlighted, helping the manager allocate their time and resources effectively. The AI ensures that your officers can focus their attention on the most valuable and time-sensitive matters.
      Make every interaction valuable and resultative. AI perfectly extracts important call and meeting information in seconds and sends the summary to CRM automatically. It can also synthesize a follow-up and send it to participants via any communication channel - email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. This is beneficial not just for sales but for every meeting.
      Get your affairs in order and comply with all bureaucratic requirements without wasting a minute. AI excels at drafting standard documents or filling out forms, such as grant applications, using up-to-date information about the company to which it has access.
      Do you need more intuition to be more efficient? No problem. AI analyzes vast datasets, including engagement history, customer behavior, and best practices, to score leads based on their likelihood to convert. It prioritizes the most critical deals and predicts in real-time the best way to close them. Act based on lead potential and relevant sales activities.
      AI-Driven Virtual Assistants:
      • Offer your officers the most efficient list of steps for today.
      • Review past interactions and relevant data to prepare officers for meetings, suggest key talking points and areas of interest for each prospect, predict objections from sponsors and suggest how to mitigate them
        AI helps your consultant get more out of your CRM. It tracks and examines customer behavior across various touchpoints, providing officers with a comprehensive view of each prospect's journey and interests. It can help with segmenting, planning, creating new reports, and making insight-led decisions
        Inventory Management in the Retail Business
        Boost your success with AI-Driven Inventory Management
        Effective inventory management is crucial for the success of any trading business.
        • A strategic approach ensures a wide product range is always available, boosting customer retention and gaining a competitive edge.
        • It enhances business resilience by optimally allocating financial resources, avoiding excess stock, and preventing cash flow gaps.
        • It frees up real money for business minimizing storage costs, and frozen money in inventories.
        AI analyses vast amounts of data, considering numerous factors and identifying patterns invisible to humans. This results in more precise and optimal decisions. AI's decisions become increasingly accurate with each iteration, continuously improving your inventory management. However, AI benefits from human oversight to grasp intangible factors like market rumours or emerging trends. Leveraging AI alongside human intuition ensures a robust and dynamic inventory system, enhancing your company's stability and competitive standing. Embrace AI to revolutionise your stock management and elevate your business to new heights.

        Implementing AI in your inventory management process can significantly enhance operations with a single solution. Reduce the likelihood of critical errors that can undermine your business and eliminate the constant stress of making crucial financial decisions daily. Free up your specialists' time to focus on strategic tasks, such as opening new warehouses and expanding your business. With AI, you can streamline inventory management, improve accuracy, and pave the way for growth and innovation.
        Optimal Inventory Levels
        Tailored Drafts
        Instant Responses
        AI ensures your inventory is always at the optimal level, accurately determining the required stock for each item and finding the best way to maintain it. Intelligent Order Management recommends the optimal replenishment points, avoiding both shortages and overstocking by considering all relevant factors.
        • AI swiftly assesses current stock levels and evaluates the unique characteristics of your sales channels. It accurately forecasts future demand by analysing historical sales data, identifying turnover dynamics, and detecting both obvious and subtle patterns, including seasonal and demographic trends for each store. It also accounts for market trends, product locations and movements, shelf life, storage conditions, legal requirements, and all other factors influencing warehouse management.
        • It evaluates each supplier's capabilities, including delivery times, order accuracy, and compliance with terms, incorporating these insights into order formation and supply monitoring.
        • When creating procurement plans, AI bases its decisions on real-time profit and loss forecasts, prioritising payments to maintain the company's solvency and creating an optimal resource allocation plan.
        AI proposes sales strategies for stagnant inventory that align with your brand's policy and desired image, utilising available sales channels. AI algorithms can set optimal product prices and suggest discount strategies based on competitor pricing, stock levels, and demand data, thereby increasing retailer profitability.
        AI algorithms can set the best price of products and suggest discounting strategies based on competitor pricing, inventory levels, and demand data, increasing profitability for retailers.

        AI enhances supplier relationship management by optimising the supplier portfolio based on their commercial value and reliability. It provides data to negotiate better terms and suggests strategies to improve supplier relationships, ensuring a more efficient and reliable supply chain.
        Level of improvement in inventory planning among early adopters of AI-enabled supply chain management
        Unlock the Power of AI for E-Commerce: Transform Your Operations and Customer Experience to Elevate Your Business
        The range of tasks that AI can handle for an e-commerce website and customer interaction is truly vast, tailored to the unique business processes of each company.
        At its core, AI has the ability to analyze enormous datasets, identify patterns, uncover errors and gaps, and detect suspicious behaviour. Unlike traditional algorithms, AI is an INTELLIGENCE that doesn't require rigidly defined conditions; it understands tasks given verbally and determines the best way to accomplish them autonomously.
        «y providing AI with your company's data and training it to be personalized to your operations, you can assign it any task involving data management. This turns AI into a valuable team member capable of analyzing and proposing solutions far more thoroughly than even the most brilliant human analyst.

        Here are just a few examples of how AI can be leveraged in e-commerce:
        Automated Product Descriptions
        Next-Generation Intelligent Recommendation System
        Intelligent Customer Support
        Dramatically simplify content creation with AI-powered automated generation. No more copywriting hassles – simply provide AI with a list of products, and receive detailed, customized descriptions for each item. Tailored to your exact requirements – length, terminology, tone, inclusion or exclusion of manufacturer details, and product specifications. Seamlessly translate descriptions into any language in real time, enhancing your global reach.
        Enhance user experience, satisfaction, and engagement, driving sales with expert recommendations as flexible and relevant as those from an in-store consultant. Unlike traditional, rigid algorithms, generative AI understands user interaction context in real time, creating unique, dynamic recommendations. Leverage the power of generative AI to customize and curate content effortlessly using your proprietary data.
        Say goodbye to virtually useless, outdated chatbots that frustrate customers with limited scripted responses. Generative AI can comprehend complex questions and customer queries, providing precise solutions without tedious back-and-forth. Implementing AI in customer support not only boosts loyalty and reduces dissatisfaction and churn but also frees up valuable time for your staff to focus on more complex tasks.
        AI-Enhanced Integration of Disparate Systems
        Intelligent Booking System
        Eliminate manual data entry forever. Integrate various systems previously unconnected – website, CRM, POS systems, payroll, staff management, and Excel data transfers. Automated orchestration not only streamlines data exchange processes, minimizing manual labor but also adds intelligent management to solve additional tasks during data transfer. Achieve seamless, efficient operations with interconnected systems.
        Avoid compromising user experience due to the lack of online booking capabilities. Especially valuable when third-party systems don't meet your unique service requirements. Allow users to book appointments or services online at any time, complete with form filling and payment processing. AI ensures optimal client distribution and capacity management. Should users have questions, the intelligent support system will provide responses as informative as those from your staff.
        Embrace AI to revolutionize your e-commerce operations, optimize processes, and elevate your customer experience.
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